Thursday, January 31, 2013

Body Building - How Not to Monitor Your Progress Part 2

Picture this... You're in the locker rooms at your local gym. After getting changed you fill up your water bottle pick up your towel. But before leaving you decide to hop on the scales. After stepping up onto the scales the numbers finally settle on your weight. You are shocked to see that you are five pounds heavier than yous should be. You begin to panic a little and start thinking about all the things you should of done. Pretty soon you are adjusting your workout before you have hit the weights.

Bottom line is you stress out and start asking these questions:

1. Where did the gain come from? 2. Was it five pounds of body fat or five pounds of muscle? 3. How can you tell?

It might even be a mixture of them both. Hard to tell without having to guess.

Likewise, suppose the opposite was to happen. You lose 3 pounds next week. What questions would you then be asking?

1. Do I need to alter my training? 2. Should I adjust my diet? 3. Did I lose fat or muscle? 4. Could losing the fat increase my overall muscle mass?

Using both the scale and the mirror to answer these questions will not give you the right answers. Like wise a tape measure would be great for an objective source to long term growth. But from a psychological perspective it would be no good in the short term where measuring yourself every day or week can be detrimental if you aren't seeing the gains that you were expecting.

So what then would be the correct way to measure the progress of all your hard work?

Keep a look out for my up coming article where I take you through some simple methods for measuring your growth and success over both the short and long term.


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